Social Media Management – the intelligent method

Virtually anyone can ‘do’ social media.  However, doing social media professionally, in a way that drives positive results is a different matter.

The majority of Social Media campaigns fit into 1 of 2 categories:

  1. You outsource to a Social Media Management company.  They post at regular intervals because that’s what they’re supposed to do, but the content of the posts don’t add a lot to your brand, or bring you measurable results.  You’ve ‘ticked that box’ and are ‘doing social media’, but you can’t be sure that you’re getting much return on investment.
  2. You use a (very busy) member of staff to ‘manage’ your social media in-house.  The quality of what they post is excellent as they know your company so well, but due to their other responsibilities and workload, their posting frequency is irregular to say the least.

A different approach:

We recommend an exceptional Social Media Management company Provance, who take the following approach to avoid all the traditional Social Media mistakes:

Social Media Auditing

We always start with an in-depth audit of your target audience and competitors and compare this with how your current activity stacks up and look at ways to improve your social media offering. This is a very key stage in the process as this will build a foundation which is so critical to get right in the early stages. We’ll make sure everything is all set up and optimised for success.

Sales Team Interaction

Your existing sales team can be one of the richest source of valuable and interesting content to post on Social Media.

Therefore in the early stages of working with you, we like to establish links directly with each of your sales team, and encourage them to forward us photos from recent successful jobs, messages of thanks from customers, or brief notes about new products and services.

This gives us the extra ‘fuel’ we need to set your Social Media campaign alight!

Social Media Posting

When the content plan we have created is agreed by you, we will provide you with the first weeks social media posts up front so you can see exactly what will be posted and so you can see that we’re ‘walking in your shoes’ from day one. Once you’re happy with this, we recommend setting up a free Hootsuite account so you can monitor all your social channels in one place.

Social Media Paid Ads

Paid Ads on social networks is a great way to boost engagement on your content and increase targeted traffic to your website.

Social Media Reporting

We are completely transparent with the results you’re getting and will provide you with a comprehensive report each month to show you how your campaigns are fairing against the goals that we set out at the time of the initial audit. We offer state of the art live reporting dashboard so you have complete clarity of the performance of your campaigns at all times.

Contact Provance today, to see how they can supercharge your social media.

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