Keeping up with Google’s 200+ (or 10,000+ depending who you ask) ranking factors isn’t easy, especially as Google tend to change these and the priority of these every few weeks! Therefore we took the conscious decision right from the beginning to focus relentlessly on SEO.

That’s not to say of course that a number one position SEO strategy doesn’t involve web design, social media management, PPC management, CRO, video production, etc, etc…

A network of experts

So our solution is to develop close working relationships with a wide range of web designers, video production experts, marketing agencies, and social media companies, so that we could retain focus on SEO.

Finding an ‘SEO-Friendly’ web developer is not an easy task – virtually every digital marketing agency claims to weave SEO into their designs, and yet the level of expertise is often limited, and you have no way of knowing until you try them.  Instead you can rely on ONE seo to do the research for you, over time we have developed a network of savvy digital marketers who really know their stuff, and additionally, we then audit their work before releasing it to you.  This way you can be sure that their visually stunning website work is also going to work hard and bring you results, ranking at that crucial number 1 search position so that your potential clients actually come across it, and then converting the visits into the high-quality sales enquiries that are the life-blood of your organisation.

We work with a diverse range of digital marketing agencies and independent web developers, and respect the individual strengths of each.  Some of our clients’ work is demanding and requires the very best developers (who are available at a price!), and other clients only require modification of a simple WordPress or Joomla web template to achieve what they need – we’ll select the right digital developers to suit your budget and requirements.

And of course, if you’re from a marketing agency and are reading this page, please get in touch!  We’d love to hear what you can add to our current network of experts, and will be willing to put work your way for anything you can offer of value.  We will even consider optimising the work you’re doing for your clients – get in touch today, we look forward to a mutually beneficial working together to promote our clients!

So, if you outsource all that, what do you actually do at ONE seo?

Content creation is such an integral and import part of SEO that we keep content creation 100% in house.  Good content creation can make or break your SEO (and your online reputation!), so we don’t entrust this aspect to anyone else.

And then CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is so important, we do that in house too.  Really the ‘conversions’ – or ‘positive actions by your website visitors’ in plain English – are the reason we focus on SEO in the first place; CRO is an essential part of our ‘beyond #1 rankings’ strategy.

We do dabble in most other areas of digital marketing from time to time, after all it is essential to understand and keep right up to the minute on the latest developments in the world of digital marketing, be it video production, web development, social media management, or whatever other new ideas are being developed in a rapidly changing digital scene.  We need to know when our digital marketing agency partners are doing a good job, and the only way we can do this is to occasionally dip-in and do a bit of hands on PPC, video production, web dev., and social media ourselves.

So we do a bit of everything in-house, but keep a relentless focus on our big passion – SEO.  And the only way we can keep this focus is to outsource over 90% of the time-consuming ‘hack-work’ to our respected network of specialists that we work with so closely.

Continual learning

The world of digital is changing so fast that over 20% of our time is spent learning – keeping up to date (or even ahead) of the latest trends.  Testing is a vital part of this learning process – there is so much contradictory information out there, the only way we can separate the fact from the fiction is to thoroughly test each new concept with an open mind and prove whether or not the advice is correct, and in what circumstances it is correct.


Another benefit of outsourcing the more time consuming digital marketing work is it gives us more time to speak to our clients.  A key part of our ‘beyond #1 position’ strategy is obtaining client feedback, from the sales and management teams in particular, to see how our work on SEO and CRO is actually benefiting our clients.  Without speaking to our clients regularly, we can’t serve them effectively – the ‘one strategy fits all’ approach has never been our way.  Whilst we do have an SEO checklist that ensures we optimise every area and nothing gets overlooked, this list is a ‘work in progress’ document, continually refined and added to by our clients’ feedback.


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