There is no need to state “we only use White Hat SEO Techniques” – because quite simply, the old-fashioned ‘Black Hat SEO’ that used to work (so I’m told 🙂 ), no longer works  (not long-term anyhow).  So anyone who can get you long-term better rankings on Google is using ‘White Hat SEO’ by definition!

So initially I thought it wasn’t necessary to have a page on ‘White Hat SEO’ on my website, until I noticed that there was still a whole host of folks out there doing google searches for ‘White Hat SEO’, so I thought I would create a page to provide them with the info that they might be searching for 🙂 .

What is Black Hat SEO?

Once upon a time, (pre-2010, ‘back in the days’ 🙂 ), and long before ONE seo came onto the scene of Search Engine Optimisation in 2017, SEO was indeed a dark art – mysterious techniques such as link farms and hidden keyword stuffing were regarded as common practice in the world of SEO.  These ‘black hat’ techniques were ‘tricks’ to artificially tell Google and other search engines that a particular website is relevant for the targeted search terms.

Then around Feb-Apr 2011, a significant Google algorithm update (one of their approx 600 per year!) that became known as ‘Panda‘ struck the world of SEO seemed to focus particularly on content farms, thin content, sites with the highest ad-to-content ratios, and several more quality issues.

Panda in 2011 was followed closely  in by a major update in Apr 2012 known as ‘Penguin’.  Penguin again hit a number of spam factors, in particular, it removed the advantage of ‘Keyword stuffing’ (overuse of the target keyword in an unnatural/ unhelpful way).

These 2 major Google search updates turned the world of SEO upside down and led many to believe that ‘SEO just doesn’t work any more’ which is not strictly correct…  There is overwhelming evidence to show that Google and other search engines favour relevant and helpful websites with #1 search ranking results, so SEO companies have simply had to adapt towards creating real value for the searcher, in order to rank their clients in the coveted number 1 spot on Google.  The correct conclusion is that Black Hat SEO no longer works – or to be more specific: Black Hat SEO no longer has long-term lasting results and can quickly lead to damaging penalties that knock you right of the Google search results.

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is a relatively modern term, and simply refers to SEO techniques that are in sympathy with Google/Yahoo/Bing’s ethos and involve no Black Hat ‘trickery’.  The name is deliberately meant to imply ‘the opposite of Black Hat SEO.  White Hat SEO is a long-term sustainable approach that Google are happy with. White Hat SEO simply focuses on helping searchers to find quality/helpful content online, as over-against tricking searchers into finding content that is not so helpful.


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