Why hire a Google Adwords management agency?

There is no denying it – Google Ads is designed to make money for… you guessed it… Google.

If Google Ads (also known as Google Adwords in the past, or simply PPC – Pay Per Click) is set up on the default settings, then you will spend MANY times more than you need to, to achieve the same results as you would achieve with a professionally set up Google Ads campaign.

In fact, if you set a budget limit on your campaign, and the campaign is not set up well, you will be getting lower results as well as spending more, because you will hit your spend limit quickly with low or zero value clicks, and then not show up for the highly relevant searches that you want to.

It takes time and some expert knowledge to set up a campaign well.  You can learn how to set up a Google Ads campaign on this website, but time resource may not be on your side – you may want to instead take advantage of our PPC Management Companies comparison tool instead.

Why Pay (Google Ads/PPC) When You Can Have It Free (SEO)?

We don’t like Pay Per Click in principle.  After all, why pay for people to visit your website if you can get them to visit free of charge?  So where possible, create an intelligent SEO campaign to bring you all the enquiries you could possibly wish for, without spending a penny on Google Ads (PPC Advertising).  However; we do know that PPC can be a great tool for boosting your SEO, especially in the early stages of a campaign, as follows:

  1. PPC generates traffic to your website right from day 1, whereas it will take a few days at least, possibly a few weeks or even months, to get your organic (unpaid) search results to appear on page 1 of google and generate significant volumes of website visitors.
  2. The website traffic from your PPC Ads will boost your SEO, because increased web-page traffic, especially from fresh new visitors, is a powerful way to improve your natural unpaid google rankings.
  3. You get a lot of quick and easy analytics data from within the Adwords campaign – helping you to see what search terms your target audience are actually using (which may be different to the search terms that you are trying to optimise) – and you can also see how successful each of these terms is.  Of course, this kind of data is available from other sources too, such as Google Analytics which we can help set up for you.

Also, we know that no matter how good your SEO, even if you manage to have your listings in the top 3 organic (unpaid) search results on Page 1, there are always going to be some people who click the Advertisements above these, so if you’re hungry for extra business above what an SEO campaign can bring you, then we’ll help you create a high-performing PPC campaign with the best possible return on investment.

A few tips below to get you started…

What PPC (Google Ads) Strategies can you use?

The main and over-arching goal of any PPC Management campaign is to drastically reduce the amount you spend with Google, yet at the same time increase the the number and value of the enquiries you get from the Google paid advertisements.  Or if you’re comfortable with the amount you’re currently spending with Google, we’ll simply ensure that this gets you significantly more business for the same spend.

You can write emotional headlines for your ads that generate clicks.  e.g. ‘The most comfortable shoes ever created?’ and not ‘Very comfortable shoes for sale’.  Then test the ads and refine them further with A/B testing – this simply involves regular testing different versions of the Advertisements (version A and version B) to see what brings you the greatest results.

You can minimise your Google spend by using negative keywords to eliminate clicks not related to what you’re selling – e.g. you’d normally want to set the word ‘Free’ as a negative keyword unless you’re offering a free service – etc.

Work out the best times of day (or night!) for your ads to show to get the ‘right kind’ of clicks, as well as target the right areas, the right types of people (male/female, old/young, etc), and on the right search networks.

Segregate broad campaigns into narrow ad groups, ensuring that every advertisement within the group is highly relevant to the search terms in the same group.  This way you will get an excellent quality score for your highly relevant advertisements, and your cost per click could be anything up to 10 times less as a result!  For example if you’re selling shoes we’d make a separate group for your comfortable shoes and your extra-high heal shoes, so that folks searching for high-heals are not presented with an irrelevant ad saying ‘The most comfortable shoes ever created?’, and visa versa 🙂 !

What about Bing Ads?

Whilst Google is the dominant search engine, leading many to focus solely on Google Ads alone, there are a few other search engines you could advertise on, Bing Ads being the 2nd biggest with approx 12% of search traffic (compared with Google’s 83%, see this article for further info).

Because of the focus on Google, Google Advertising has become extremely competitive and expensive.

Advertising on Bing by comparison, is a tiny fraction of the cost of the PPC on Google Ads,  and whilst you’re targeting a smaller audience, why not pay less to get clicks of the same value?

There’s no point ignoring the 83% of searchers using Google just because it’s cheaper to get clicks from the 12% using Bing, unless you have a limited budget and don’t need many enquiries, but there’s also not much point in ignoring Bing altogether – especially when once you have set up your Google Ads account, you can set up a Bing Ads account and copy over virtually all of your Google Ads settings automatically with just a few clicks.

This means that whilst it may take many hours to set up a Google Ads campaign to perform well, you can then effectively clone the Google Ads setup into Bing in just a few minutes and get a bit of extra traffic at a fraction of your Google Ads Cost…