Just appearing on Page 1 isn’t good enough…  Why you need to be Number 1 on Page 1

Did you know, that on average, the top organic (non-paid) search result gets 3 times the number of clicks as the 2nd ranking search result?

And the 10th position (bottom of page 1) gets 10 times less clicks on average than the number 1 search position!

SEO Graph showing percentage of clicks for number 1 and top 10 google search positions

Someone has to rank number one for the services you provide, and get the lion’s share of the enquiries, and we don’t see why it shouldn’t be you!

How to get ranked number 1 on Google

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Having said that, you could spend hours each day learning about how Google’s search algorithm works, and spend months experimenting until you get there.  To shortcut that process, check out our best SEO companies comparison pages and hire a good SEO company, while you spend more time focusing on how to cope with all the extra enquiries coming in as a result!

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